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Dembélé heavily criticized by his teammates


Gone are the days where this player, Dembélé, was pointed as a possible Barcelona signing, but he is still refusing to attend practices.

This attitude wasn’t well received in Borussia Dortmund’s locker room, and it rang the alarm; Now the first comments of his teammates are coming out.

«The matter will be handled internally, but we must say, loud and clear, that he can’t act like this and that his behaviour is harmful for the team.

It will be fatal for football if a player can refuse to practice because he is wanted by another club» – argued Gonzalo Castro.

The attitude wasn’t’ well received at all amongst his teammates, and the Greek defender Papastathopoulos even reinforced the general mindset on Dortmund’s locker room.

«He is a good kid, but he must understand that no player in the world is more important than the team. He has no right to do as he pleases.

He made a mistake when he decided not to practice anymore.

He should follow Aubameyang’s example, who wanted to leave, but always had an exemplary attitude, giving his best in practice and on matches», he highlighted, admitting that this might turn the young player into a “stranger” in the locker room:

«It is hard to say that his reintegration will be easy, because we feel like he doesn’t want to be a part of our family. »

Surely this isn’t the best attitude regarding a potential negotiation, but Dortmund’s administration will surely have a word to say on how this story will pan out.


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