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São Paulo vs Santos Betting Tips

São Paulo vs Santos – Brasileirão A: This is a derby between two of the most popular teams of the state

São Paulo vs Santos Betting TipsKicking off the 14th round, with a good encounter between São Paulo and Santos at the Morumbi.

The reasons for that popularity aren’t the same. Despite São Paulo being on a comfortable position on the league table, until recently a lot of doubts existed regarding how far this team could go due to the streak of poor results right before the Copa América.

However, they restarted very well in their domestic league and besides that, they brought in two reinforcements that really had an impact on the Brazilian media, with the arrivals of Daniel Alves and Juanfran.

On the other hand, we have popularity due to the football presented, with Sampaoli’s team being the sensation in Brazil, and deservedly so, with 7 consecutive wins that made the club reach an apparently unlikely lead on such a short period of time.

This Saturday, they will have another good challenge for them to prove their good momentum. However, I see with good eyes the opportunity of having another good match and especially showing another good defensive posture.

São Paulo:

São Paulo should start with Tiago Volpi, Igor Vinicius, Bruno Alves, Arboleda and Reinaldo; Luan, Tchê Tchê and Hernanes; Antony, Pato and Raniel.

The supporters of the team have reasons to smile again, not for the football they are presenting currently but for the perspective that appears with the new big-name signings.

However, those signings will probably not be in conditions to start on Saturday. Now we just have to find out how the roster will respond to these perspectives and how they will play against a team in excellent form, in what is one of the first big tests of the semester.

The club had their first match against Athletico PR postponed and therefore they didn’t play on the last weekend.

Therefore, it was expected that they would come here still with an incomplete roster and have the return of Liziero. However, the player is struggling once again and will apparently be another absence for the team.

São Paulo’s performance was very shaky on the 3 matches they’ve played, starting off against Palmeiras, where they had a great first half, being compact on defence and exchanging quick passes eventually reaching the lead. On the 2nd half, they couldn’t manage their advantage and they saw their opponents dominate and almost come back on the final minutes.

Against Chapecoense, the opposite happened, with a first half where the team couldn’t create and offered space for the counterattack, and then a 2nd team of a collective spectacle, overcoming the opposition in practically every aspect and the 4 goals scored not seeming to be enough.

The most different match was the last one, knowing that the opposite likes ball possession. Cuca planned a more reactive approach, playing on the counter attack exploring the spaces offered by Fluminense, and we can say it only worked out in the 2nd half, because in the first one, despite the early goal, they struggled a lot, even conceding the tying goal.

What’s worth remembering from the last two matches is that the team was only able to play better after the changes, when Everton and Toró got into the match and gave the team more speed.

This time, Cuca returns with the same starters, against a well-posted team like Santos has been looking, and they might not have enough time to be able to turn things around on the match.


It is tough to argue about Sampaoli’s work on this 2nd semester, because he is making a sensational job with the pieces he has, not only due to the results conquered (4 victories in 4 matches), but also due to the way the team plays, always looking to stay ahead of the opposition and pressure them hard until they get what they want.

That way, the team that was already performing convincingly during the first semester evolved a lot and they seem to be learning something new with every match that goes by.

The 1st match in July showed a Santos that had tactical variation, where they weren’t managing to stand out on the match and seeing their creation getting stuck on Bahia’s marking, and gave up from the 3-4-3 and returned to the 4-3-3.

The changes worked and the support of the wing backs created confusion on the opposing defence, which was enough for them to win.

Against Botafogo, another showcase of courage, after a good first half where the team pressured the hosts and almost didn’t have to defend any attacks, they struggled due to the sending off of the defender Lucas Veríssimo, but Sampaoli showed once again that he is unique.

Despite the changes, he didn’t completely remove their attacking initiative and was rewarded with a goal from outside the box that granted them another victory away from home.

At the Vila Belmiro, Santos was uncontested, firstly against the last place but bold Avaí, they were able to perform well, not despairing even after conceding the draw in the first half and regaining the lead right after.

The 2nd half only served to showcase their superiority, increasing their advantage and without any possible reply from the visitors.

Against Goiás, even with their manager suspended, we saw maybe their best performance of the year, not only due to the devastating score line, but the way it was built, with 13 goalscoring chances created, with goals scored by 5 different players, and the 6 goals scored being the natural consequence of a well-executed game plan.

A derby between two teams that are fighting on the top half of the league table is always unpredictable. However, I don’t see such an advantage for the side of São Paulo as the odds are suggesting, although I do see some probability of them winning.

On the other hand, I find it very difficult to believe we will see another great attacking display from the hosts, despite them having scored more than 1 goal on the last 2 matches.

That had only previously happened on the first two round and besides that, all of those encounters took place against teams from the lower half of the league table. Against better posted teams, the attack has always been struggling.

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On the other side, despite the visitors’ attacking approach, their defence manages to maintain a control depending on the match. So far, they have only conceded 2 ore more goals in a single match against Palmeiras, and I don’t see any reason for Sampaoli to expose himself that much, knowing the good moment of form of the team. That way, I think it is almost impossible that São Paulo will score twice on Saturday.

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