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    Portland Trailblazers vs Golden State Warriors – NBA Betting Tips

    Portland Trailblazers vs Golden State Warriors – NBA : We have a very interesting match tonight. The Warriors are coming off a back-to-back straight to Portland.

    Without Steph Curry that picked up an injury at the start of last night’s game against the Spurs.

    That’s a very important absence that in my opinion will have tremendous impact in this match, on the way the team approaches the game and the way they create their threats through blocks and their excellent ball exchanges.

    Not to mention that their shooting percentage drops, especially from the 3-Pts line without Curry. It was visible how the team struggled to create dangerous opportunities last night against the Spurs, without doing it depending on Kevin Durant’s individual plays.

    The Trailblazers that have also been improving on their defensive sector at this stage of the season, have also been counting with a Damian Lillard completely on fire.

    They’ve already proven that they are capable of winning at home against this team, just like they proved on their last meeting.

    And with 2 extra days of rest and coming off 8 consecutive wins, I believe they will bring back their A-game to defeat the champions here. And without Steph Curry, their winning chances heavily increase in my opinion.

    Portland Trailblazers vs Golden State Warriors – Betting Tip and Prediction:

    I believe that tonight we will have a very different game from the last one, and so I’m taking two bets here.

    I’ll just highlight that the Trailblazers’ odds have dropped over 30 ticks since it was announced that Curry would miss out on this match, and the line went from a +4 to a +2.5 in favour of the team from Portland.

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