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Indiana Pacers vs Cleveland Cavaliers – NBA Betting Tip and Prediction

Indiana Pacers vs Cleveland Cavaliers – NBA : The Indiana Pacers had their chances in Games 4 and 5 and they ended up losing both games

so I think that has ended their hopes

Oladipo, that played tremendously in Game 1, has been getting more shut down by the Cavs now,

which means, the Cavs have been cancelling him out completely and it has to be another player stepping up for the Pacers,

and that has been working out really poorly for them, since they don’t have that many options.

The Cavaliers are a miserable team with a miserable coach but that has the best player in the league,

and that’s the only reason why they are still in this series. The rest of the roster has to wake up, but still,

I don’t expect much from them on these play-offs. LeBron is a tremendous player,

but he isn’t enough on his own and I believe that for example the Sixers can easily beat these Cavs.

Indiana Pacers vs Cleveland Cavaliers – Betting Tip and Prediction:

On Game 5, LeBron James had a tremendous performance once again and it was enough for them to win, at the buzzer.

The rest of the team did very poorly, with everyone being asleep except for Korver.

Tonight, even on the road, I believe that the Cavaliers will close this out,

because if LeBron can win a game on his own, imagine if someone from the Cavs also has a good game.

Then, they will surely win, so I’m convinced someone from the Cavs will also step up tonight.

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