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How to bet at the start of the season

Today I bring you an article that might, or not, help you to place your bets at the start of the seasons.

This topic is realer than ever and especially at this stage, where the leagues are already starting, and the first ones have already begun.
Besides that

there is something that is already messing with our heads and desire to bet, which are the Champions League and Europa League’s qualifiers. We’ll approach that too, even because they’ve started even sooner…

Champions League and Europa League’s Qualification Stages

Well, here we always need some caution, since there are strong teams mixed with very weak and unknown teams, which may mislead us.

Here I still make another remark, because the teams that play here, since they have had to start their preparation earlier, they might still be in deficit.

Yes, because they didn’t have so many teams, for example, to play against, who were available, since most of the other clubs were still on holidays.

A lot of teams saw their players being called-up for international duty, world cup and etc. These players have also arrived later and therefore that might weaken the teams, especially the best ones.

In my opinion, it is better to stay away, and the results are out there. The last round, the 1st leg of the Europa League, was a perfect example of what I’ve said here.

The BIG teams have won, some battered, and some were underwhelming. A lot of people were even surprised with the said “small” clubs.

What I’ve noticed, especially on the Europa League, was the lack of BTTS’s and Over’s for example.

Everything has an explanation, and I’ve found one. UEFA is making an effort to put the Europa League being as competitive as the Champions League.

The investment they’ve made is clear and the biggest prize is really awarded to the champions, who achieve direct qualification onto the next season’s Champions League. Is there any other prize better than that?

Another prize is the income, the prizes have increased slightly, thanks to the update of the competition, and there needs to be more visibility and credibility attributed to this competition, that for example the English don’t like.

Last year, we’ve already seen that scenario change.

Then in my opinion, there has been a strong investment made on the promotion of this Europa League, and the moves on the rankings helped to take away the balance of this competition even more, but also “pulled” more the top teams onto this competition.

With that said, UEFA wants to sell the group stage well, with strong teams that can bring them more money on the sale of the TV rights.

I only expect to make moves on the group stage in terms of bets. I believe that this year we will be able to adjust our ROI more on this competition, but it’s just a feeling.

Second Divisions

Here, the leagues have already kicked off, and I advise a lot of caution. Just look into the transfers or lack of them on these tiers.

The teams that have made investments to achieve promotion and the real objectives of the clubs.

Initially the odds given by the bookies might be unbalanced and you can extract “juice” from that.

Deeply knowing a secondary division might give a good boost to your bankroll. But once again I state that you should be aware of every detail.

Just wait for the 1st and 2nd rounds to be sure if what you believe is true.


I already make a disclaimer that in some leagues, especially the ones that have already started on the first two weeks of August, that might still suffer some changes.

I speak about the transfer window and I call your attention to the teams of those leagues that will take part on the Champions League’s qualifiers.

For example, in Liga NOS (Portuguese league), Benfica will have an awful month of August, playing their qualification onto the Champions League against Fenerbahce at home, then in between playing with Sporting and then travelling to Turkey.

It’s a complicated month and be careful with that, step away from problems that might affect your analysis of the match and future bets.

An advice, because that’s how I “work”, I always let 4 or 5 rounds “roll”, without doing anything. I just watch, follow the matches of the leagues that I “work on” and only then make a final judgement regarding those same teams.

With 4 or 5 rounds, I have time to see their performances at home and away from home, the playstyles and see whether there are some improvements amongst the teams and then on their encounter at the time.

With time, I’ll start going into the leagues, even the ones that start later, also adapting my work and my notes.

Yes, I know that we are all anxious. The World Cup, in general, wasn’t very profitable, and a lot of bettors are “thirsty” to return to their normal day-to-day in terms of bets.

But one advice: take it easy, start off slowly, look around, watch, take notes on a little notebook about a determined team, etc.

Believe me, that will help you in a near future. Obviously, try to see the initial matches, especially because some of you are still on holidays, since we’re in August, month where people usually are on holidays.

Basically, be calm, observe, take notes of whatever you think might be surprising or disappointing on a certain team.

All that’s left to mention are stakes.

Yes, it is important to start off slowly, but here the methods and the control of your bankroll is what matters.

But in my opinion, start off with “Flat Stake” and going up as our confidence on the teams, leagues and markets we’ve chosen to bet on also goes up is a good option.

That’s it, friends: new season, new article, and I expect it has the necessary information, being short and straight to help you at this start of the new season.

I can only wish you good luck, have a good season and I hope that at the end, our bankroll will be bigger, and we’ll be smiling.

Management, more management and a lot of knowledge will be the ideal formula to do well on this very complicated world.

Good luck and until the next article, and good bets!

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