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Grêmio vs Cruzeiro Betting Tips

Grêmio vs Cruzeiro – Brazilian Serie A :Eyeing the top of the league table, Grêmio turn all their attentions to the Brazilian Serie A

This Wednesday they host Cruzeiro since at this start of the 2nd half of the season, they practically no longer have any chances of winning the title.

Grêmio suffered a rough strike last week, by being eliminated from Copa do Brasil by Flamengo.

It was undeniable so far that the competition, alongside with the Copa Libertadores were the club’s main objectives.

Now they have no other option besides going all out looking for the Brazilian Serie A’s title, and their recent results give them good chances of fighting until the end.

They are coming off an excellent victory away from home over Corinthians that has a strong home advantage and is unbeaten for 5 matches in the league.

The big strength of this team is on their strong defensive sector, having the best defence after 19 rounds, with only 6 goals conceded.

On the offensive end, Éverton is the great stand-out player for the team, and some changes have made the team more competitive, with the entrances of Jaílson in the middle and Jael up front, besides Léo Gomes in the wing, which left them a better team defensively and balanced out their midfield sector that was fading.

Cruzeiro, just like Grêmio, has prioritized the knockout competitions over the Brazilian Serie A.

They’ve managed to advance onto the Copa do Brasil’s semi-finals and practically ensured their qualification on the first match against Cruzeiro in the Copa Libertadores.

It surprises me, even if they have been rotating their starting line-up on the matches, the poor record they have been having in the league.

Of course that their reserves weren’t helpful at all, but even when they were in full strength, they were very underwhelming.

They are 15 points away from the leaders, and all that’s left for me to conclude is that they aren’t fighting for the title unconsciously, which makes their players not play up to their full potentials.

Grêmio vs Cruzeiro – Betting Tip and Prediction:

This might be a rough match, but the heads of the players aren’t in the Brazilian Serie A, and that makes this match a lot more important for Grêmio than for Cruzeiro.

Adding to that the fact that Grêmio has a good home advantage, a strong defence, and an attacker in good farm, I’m certain that there is value in the market.

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