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United Kingdom

United Kingdom

  • champions novo

    Fulham vs Swansea

    Autor: tiag08 in 26th February 2020 - Fulham vs Swansea – Championship :Fulham are without Kongolo and have Le Marchand and Reed in doubt.

  • premier-league-azul

    Manchester United vs Watford

    Autor: tiag08 in 23rd February 2020 - Manchester United vs Watford – Premier League :Manchester hosts Watford here and my bet will be their...

  • premier-league-azul

    Chelsea vs Tottenham

    Autor: RicardoCardoso in 21st February 2020 - Chelsea vs Tottenham – Premier League :Chelsea and Tottenham are featured in another London derby counting towards...

  • premier-league-azul

    Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Autor: RicardoCardoso in 17th February 2020 - Chelsea vs Manchester United – Premier League :This Monday night at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea hosts Man Utd

  • premier-league-azul

    Norwich vs Liverpool

    Autor: Darcio Linzmeier in 15th February 2020 - Norwich vs Liverpool – Premier League :Norwich and Liverpool have a meeting scheduled

  • Championship

    Nottingham vs Charlton

    Autor: RicardoCardoso in 11th February 2020 - Nottingham vs Charlton – Championship :This Tuesday night at the City Ground, Nottingham hosts Charlton

  • Brentford vs Leeds

    Autor: tiag08 in 11th February 2020 - Brentford vs Leeds – Championship :Leeds already occupies one of these two positions sitting in 2nd place...

  • premier-league-azul

    Everton vs Crystal Palace

    Autor: Darcio Linzmeier in 8th February 2020 - AEverton vs Crystal Palace – Premier League :Everton and Crystal Palace face off on a match of...

  • FACup

    Tottenham vs Southampton

    Autor: tiag08 in 5th February 2020 - Tottenham vs Southampton – FA Cup :This is the Replay of the 4th round of the FA...

  • FACup

    Liverpool vs Shrewsbury

    Autor: marco.ferreira in 4th February 2020 - Liverpool vs Shrewsbury – FA Cup :Liverpool has 9 victories and 1 draw on the last 10...

  • premier-league-azul

    Tottenham vs Manchester City

    Autor: RicardoCardoso in 2nd February 2020 - Tottenham vs Manchester City- Premier League :Tottenham and Man City face off this Sunday night in London,...

  • premier-league-azul

    Liverpool vs Southampton

    Autor: wdpj in 1st February 2020 - Liverpool vs Southampton – Premier League :Liverpool are the absolute leaders with 70 points, and they are...

  • premier-league-azul

    West Ham vs Liverpool

    Autor: RicardoCardoso in 29th January 2020 - West Ham vs Liverpool – Premier League :This Wednesday night in London, West Ham hosts Liverpool

  • carabao cup

    Manchester City vs Manchester United

    Autor: RicardoCardoso in 29th January 2020 - Manchester City vs Manchester United – Carabao Cup :This Wednesday night at the Etihad, we will have...

  • carabao cup

    Aston Villa vs Leicester

    Autor: tiag08 in 28th January 2020 - Aston Villa vs Leicester – Carabao Cup :This is the 2nd of the League Cup semi-finals between...

  • FACup

    Bournemouth vs Arsenal

    Autor: RicardoCardoso in 27th January 2020 - Bournemouth vs Arsenal – FA Cup:This Monday night at the Vitality, Bournemouth hosts Arsenal

  • FACup

    Shrewsbury Town vs Liverpool

    Autor: tiag08 in 26th January 2020 - Shrewsbury Town vs Liverpool – FA Cup:Liverpool should come into this match with some changes against this...

  • FACup

    Hull vs Chelsea

    Autor: RicardoCardoso in 25th January 2020 - Hull vs Chelsea – FA Cup:Hull and Chelsea have a meeting scheduled this Saturday afternoon

  • premier-league-azul

    Wolverhampton vs Liverpool

    Autor: helderjma in 23rd January 2020 - Wolverhampton vs Liverpool – Premier League:This is a match of the 24th round of the Premier League,...

  • FACup

    Tranmere vs Watford

    Autor: tiag08 in 23rd January 2020 - Tranmere vs Watford – FA Cup:This is a replay of the 3rd round of the FA Cup...

  • premier-league-azul

    Manchester United vs Burnley

    Autor: RicardoCardoso in 22nd January 2020 - Manchester United vs Burnley – Premier League:This Wednesday night at Old Trafford, Man Utd hosts Burnley

  • premier-league-azul

    Tottenham vs Norwich

    Autor: da_silva in 22nd January 2020 - NTottenham vs Norwich – Premier League:Tottenham is an English side that occupies the 8th place of the...

  • premier-league-azul

    Chelsea vs Arsenal

    Autor: RicardoCardoso in 21st January 2020 - Chelsea vs Arsenal – Premier League:Chelsea and Arsenal face off this Tuesday night at Stamford Bridge

  • Liverpool vs Manchester United

    Autor: RicardoCardoso in 19th January 2020 - Liverpool vs Manchester United – Premier League: This Sunday afternoon at Anfield, Liverpool hosts Man Utd

  • premier-league-azul

    Manchester City vs Crystal Palace

    Autor: RicardoCardoso in 18th January 2020 - Manchester City vs Crystal Palace – Premier League:This Saturday afternoon at the Etihad, Man City hosts Crystal...