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Defensor vs Fluminense Betting Tips

Defensor vs Fluminense – Copa Sudamericana :Sure, this is just the start of the season in Uruguay

But a team like Defensor, that has played on the Libertadores this year, has no explanation to sit in 7th place after 4 rounds.

Okay, they have rested some players eyeing the duel against Fluminense on the Copa Sudamericana, but their strategy didn’t work out.


Latest matches – DEFENSOR SP:
12.08.18 PDV Defensor Sp. vs Rampla Juniors 2-2
05.08.18 PDV CA Torque vs Defensor Sp. 0-0
02.08.18 SUL Fluminense vs Defensor Sp. 2-0

28.07.18 PDV Defensor Sp. vs Danubio 1-2
22.07.18 PDV Atenas vs Defensor Sp. 2-5

The team got off to a losing start on the tie against the Brazilian side and they will need to reverse a 2-0 disadvantage.

Playing at home, they tend to pressure their opponents, and if they play a good match, without a lot of hustle, they might have some hopes of staying alive on this international competition.

Latest matches – FLUMINENSE:
13.08.18 SRA Fluminense vs Internacional 0-3
05.08.18 SRA Fluminense vs Bahia 1-1

02.08.18 SUL Fluminense vs Defensor Sp. 2-0
28.07.18 SRA Ceará vs Fluminense 1-0
25.07.18 SRA Fluminense vs Palmeiras 1-0

Fluminense hasn’t been doing well in the Brazilian Serie A. After the World Cup, they have even won some important matches, and it looked like they had found themselves inside the pitch.

But then, after some weeks, what we see is a very premature team still, lacking some technical quality on their starting line-ups.

Despite that, the team managed to overcome Defensor’s defence on the 1st leg and they’ve opened up a good advantage for this 2nd leg.

They just need to play smart, in order for things not to backfire and so they can return to Brazil having ensured their ticket on the next round of the Sudamericana without major scares.

Defensor vs Fluminense – Betting Tip and Prediction:

This will be a hard match for both teams. However, I understand that Fluminense’s youth might be the determining factor here.

I’m not even saying for the qualification itself, because the Brazilian side is already well on track to qualify, but if Fluminense’s young team doesn’t know how to behave inside the field and succumbs to the pressure of Defensor’s supporters,

I see big chances of the Uruguayan team winning here, because they are always very strong when they play at their own stadium.

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