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Atalanta vs Copenhagen Betting Tips

Atalanta vs Copenhagen – Europa League :Atalanta is one of the teams that I’ve been enjoying watching play over the last year

And the club is trying to establish themselves as the best Italian team outside the Big 6 and things seem like they will be positive for them this year again.

They’ve had a very good pre-season and in the Europa League, they have been battering their opponents without any major issues and with great poundings.

Meanwhile, the Italian league has also started off well for them, with Atalanta beating Frosinone by 4-0 on a performance where they didn’t even have to try super hard throughout the match.

Copenhagen also had a good start to the season, currently sitting in 1st place of their domestic league with 4 victories, 1 draw and 1 loss, and in the Europa League, they’ve won their ties without major problems.

They were also the big favourites to advance on those ties, but here the history is different.

They are the underdogs and we’ll see how they will deal with that. I think Atalanta’s attack will cause them problems and defensively, Atalanta has also been doing better and better.

Atalanta vs Copenhagen – Betting Tip and Prediction:

Atalanta this year seems a team that continues very strong and that should build up on the quality of these last 2 years. The big problem will be at a time where they will have more matches on their legs, just like it happened last year,

when the team lost a lot of points because of that but now at the start of the season, the team is still fresh, having an excellent pre-season, being strong on the knockout matches of the Europa League

and I think that the team will continue dominating and will win this match at home.

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