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    Argentina vs Chile Betting Tips

    Argentina vs Chile – Copa America :This is the match that nobody wants to play in

    Argentina vs Chile   Prediction and Betting Tips with Chile and Argentina facing off after the disappointment of the semi-finals.

    The loss against their biggest rivals took a weight on them on a match where Argentina produced a lot.

    They’ve created more chances than Brazil, but they weren’t effective, and they’ve had 2 shots on the post, and they’ve also appealed for a penalty after an elbow inside the box during a corner.

    The semi-final match was Argentina’s opportunity to reach the final of the Copa America. However, they were always depending on Messi and that had a great impact on what is the team’s game, with their playstyle being affected by that dependence.


    The only loss they’ve gotten was against Uruguay, and on the semi-finals, they had everything to overcome Peru, at least theoretically speaking. However, matches are only won when you score more goals than your opposition.

    The match against Peru was a disaster, with everything going wrong for them, with the team missing goalscoring opportunities inside the box and making mistakes that left Peru in a good position to score goals, and therefore, in 2 counter-attacking players, they’ve conceded 2 goals.

    I expect a match where Chile present themselves without a lot of motivation, although still wanting to win.

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    Argentina vs Chile – Prediction and Betting Tips:

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    Argentina and Chile face off on a match that doesn’t count for the title but for 3rd place.

    I don’t see the players, after being tired due to a long season, playing openly and trying very hard to win this match by big margins.

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    Draw at HT

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